Metal Pallets / Steel Pallets

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Metal pallets are the heavy duty steel pallets that are more preferred as compared to wooden or plastic pallets. Metal pallets are more durable as for heavy duty storage solution specially for high load density and handling impact can also be another constraints which leads to more preference to metal pallet and steel pallets. Flat Metal Pallets can your perfect return of investment of storage solution. higher saving is achieved by use of Metal pallets considering the decay and damage of pallets as in the case of wood and plastic pallets.

Maintenance cost of metal pallets are also quite less as compared to wooden pallets. Life of the metal pallets again is much more than plastic and wooden pallets. The plastic pallets or wooden pallets users are aware that how frustrating and costly these pallets can be when is comes to durability and life span of these pallets. Metal pallets overcomes these drawbacks and due to this it is opted by users from various verticals.

We also manufacturer custom metal pallets and steel pallets that are more cost effective, safe and durable. These Metal pallets and steel pallets are fabricated by use of high quality steels and is resistant to chemical contamination or corrosive action. The metal pallets are engineered and designed to meet various storage application. The flat metal pallets are most durable for various heavy duty storage solutions. The metal pallets are also available with galvanized metal finish and can sustain high load without deforming its shape or cracks.

Commercial benefits of using Metal Pallets or Steel Pallets over plastic of wooden palltets

  1. The flat metal pallets has a life span of Over 15 years and wooden or plasting pallets cannot match this
  2. Negligible maintenance in a metal pallets.
  3. More secured stprage of the product with less risk of product breakage.
  4. Related material handling cost saving (i.e., less damage to conveyors and forklift wheels, etc.
  5. Safe from hazardous chemical reaction or fire safety


  • Metal pallet / Steel Pallets higer load bearing capacity.
  • Metal pallet / Steel Pallets corrosion free
  • Standardized specification metal pallets / Steel Pallets suited for material handling equipments.
  • Perfect solution for heavy duty storage solution.


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