Adjustable Pallet Racking Storage System

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Adjustable Pallet Rack is one of the most flexible and versatile racking and storage solution that have been unanomously prefered by users looking to a perfect storage solutions. The Adjustable pallet Racking system can adapt to any type of load unit or fork lift handling. The Adjustable Pallet Racking storage system provides an instant access to all the unit load stored, adjustable pallet racks are also very dynamic as the complet racking system and be assemble or dismantled and re assembled with interchangeable components.

The Adjustable racks that we manufacture provides maximum usage floor space for diversified needs of storage system. As a manufacturer and supplier of Adjustable pallet racks, these racks are sold under an estabilsed brand name of "GIRAFFE". The Adjustable pallet racks or pallet storage racks are available in wide range and also as per custom requirements of the clients. These Adjustable pallet racks are manufactured with the use of high grades of steel, the grades of steel used also depends on the various requirements of the clients and the load bearing capacity of the pallet racks in the adjustable pallet racking system. The raw material (high tensile strength steel) are supplied by trusted steel manufacturers and it undegoes a stringent quality test before it is processed for the fabrication of the Adjustable Pallet Racks. The Adjustable pallet racks are most durable and precision engineered, our range can store the goods of different sizes and specifications.

You can contact us and we can assist you with providing the best solution of adjustable racking system

Components in Adjustable Storage Racking Systems

The main componebt in an Adjustable Pallet Racking systems are Beams & Uprights, that plays an important feature of any adjustable pallet racking system.

Pallet Racking Beams: A wide range of pallet racking beams can be used depending on the design and load bearing capacity of the pallet racks used in the adjustable pallet racking system. The Racking beams are generally used are either open or boxed sections to cater for to high load bearing capacity. Racking beams that we used are mostly high quality rolled steel and based on the beam type we generally opt for one or two sections. These sections are welded to the anchor plates and then powder coated for aesthetic and resistence to various atmospheric corrosion.

Pallet Racking Uprights: Pallet Racking uprights are mostly available in widths ranging from 80 to 120 mm for a load capacity up to 25 tonnes. Sizes also vary as per the custom requirement of the clients and load bearing capacity. Each racking upright is roll formed from high quality steel before being powder coated.Incase load capacity is more than 25 tonnes, we can be contact to provide you the best custom designed adjustable pallet racking storage system for your custom needs.


  • Durable with ergonomic design for maximum safety
  • The Adjustable pallet racking system are precision engineered
  • The pallet racks in the storage system provides maximum storage capacity
  • Easy movements of load inventoris as each pallet racks has a direct access
  • High flexibilty since Pallet in the racks are easily replaceable without moving or displacing others.
  • Makes stock control easy, since each pallet has it own location.
  • The adjustable pallet racking system can be deployed for any size or weight of pallet.
  • Offers high levels of storage density with automatic stock rotation.


  • Adjustable pallet racking system provides hight storage density for the available floor space.
  • Stock movements are simple and easy handling
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Adjustable Pallet Racking system that uses pallet racks are one of the most prefered racking systems that are incorporated in warehouses mainly due to the benefits and advantages that were already mentioned abbove. Our Adjustable Pallet racks are most Durable for robust operating condition and provides best return of your investment for storage and racking system

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