Double Deep Racking

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As its name implies, double deep racking system comprises of one pallet load behind another in a pallet rack storage structure, such arrangement of the pallet racks is terms as double deep racking system with racks twice as deep as single-deep rack. Such pallet racking system double the storage density but the design limits the accessibility and flexibly for the ease of movement of stored products.

We offer a wide range of Double Deep Racks. These racks are generally drive in type for storing heavy loads and as mentioned it has double deep arrangement of pallet racks. The double deep racking provides an effective use of the available floor space for storage. Double Deep racking system comprises of of upright frames and horizontal beams available, the dimension of these frames and beams in a double deep racking system depends on the load bearing capacity and the dimension of the pallet racks used in double deep pallet racking system. With the use of specialist trucks, the Double Deep Racking System is such designed that it stores pallets two deep. Such arrangement of pallet provides high storage capacity efficiency and is mostly preferred in warehouse racking system. The wide range of double deep racking system that we design and implement can be customized as per the specification and need of the clients.


  • Pallets can be stored two deep whilst retaining accessibility and increasing the storage area
  • Reduced number of access aisles.
  • Ideal for bulk storage of large material.


  • Reduced number of access aisles means additional racking can be accommodated.
  • Storage density is increased


  1. Industries
  2. Warehouse Racking System
  3. Logistic companies
  4. Wine Racks
  5. Others

DOUBLE DEEP RACKING SYSTEM is ideal for large bulk material. By deploying Double Deep Racking System, it can be an excellent method of increasing warehouse racking and storage capacity mainly when alternative systems such as the Drive-In Racking are not possible. Double deep racking systems can fore-go with the used of high numbers of homogenous pallet types as used in like Drive In racks.