Drive in Racking System

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Drive-In Racking system comprises of vertical upright frames and horizontal support rails, that permits pallets to be supported vertically and in multiple depths. The support rails allow stacker to enter the rack and so enables multiple depth storage. Drive-in racking also termed as Drive thru racks and in a drive in racking system the structure is configured to store loads three, four or more deep thus creating high density storage system. A drive-in Racking system that stores pallets four high and five deep and can hold up to 20 pallets in each bay.

In a drive-in racking system the movements of the items are with the use of lift trucks that drive into the front of a storage area bay and place a load in the desired position and then back out. To allow the movement of lift trucks in to the bays, drive-in racking systems are designed without use of any traditional beams that are placed across the bays. But in a drive in racking system, pallets rest on rails that run along the insides of the bays, perpendicular to the aisles. Pallets in a drive-in racking system are stored on a last-in/first-out basis for the movement of the stored items. Each bay in the drive in racking system is typically dedicated to a single product, so drive-in racks is generally most preferred choice for warehouses that stores high volumes of similar product.

Drive-in racking system systems provide low flexibility with limited accessibility to products arranged in rear positions of the bay. Due to this limitations, it is always suggested that drive in racking system can be always deployed for situations in which an entire bay of products would be moved at once, as in staging products for shipping. It offers restricted selectivity of individual pallets but provides effective high density storage with good use of the 'cube'. The continuous block's of racking (no aisles) allows for truck access directly into the system placing goods next in line one behind the other on cantilevered rails each side of the lane.

Drive in racking system can be most suitable for Cold Storage's with predictable batch movement of the stored items that comprises of batch movements of parallelized loads.