Rack Supported Warehouse (RSW)

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As the cost of manpower and real estate is on the rise, the design and implementation of warehouse is also evolving with new construction and design technology Pre-engineered Buildings " RACK SUPPORTED WAREHOUSE". Rack supported warehouse is the new generation warehouse which has unparalleled benefit over the normal ware house that provide the ease of various product handling in the warehouse operation and also provide higher storage density in terms of allocated storage floor space. The rack supported warehouse concept becomes a more economical warehousing solution to high bay storage of above 25 meters with more automation in the warehouse management system (WMS).

The Rack Supported warehouses comprises of of the integrated racking system that formulated the raw structural support for the warehouse roof and walls. By deploying a Rack Supported warehouse, highest storage density is achieved for each type of pallet rack, this reduces the construction costs, lead times and building footprint. These are some advantage that makes Rack supported warehouse an optimum and most preferred racking and shelving for storage solution with more utilization of aerial space in high rise rack supported warehouse and enables one to use maximum storage density of the floor space

Concept Of Racks Supported

The main feature of the rack supported warehouse, is that it does not require traditions structural columns and beams to support the walls and roof of the warehouse structure. The Rack Supported Warehouse component are fixed directly on to the racking structure to complete the rack support warehouse structure. With no RCC construction of columns and beams in the rack supported warehouse structure, huge savings can be realized in construction time and cost. One significant financial advantage is the shorter depreciation which is equal to machinery.
The components of rack supported buildings are namely:

  1. Storage Racks : Various types of racks like double deep racks, cantilever racks, long span racks, slotted angle racks, etc are the main storage component of Rack Supported Warehouse structure.
  2. Roof Truss:  In the Rack Supported Warehouses are supported on the racks
  3. Purlins: The are used for roof sheeting and is supported on the roof truss is also used with side racks for the side wall cladding in Rack Supported Warehouses.
  4. Roof sheeting and Side Cladding Sheets: Galvanized sheets are used  these sheets can also be color coated for aesthetics and anti corrosive.
  5. Civil work: The civil work comprises of various anchor bolt foundation pits, floor rafts and slabs, draft walls, fencings, gates and doors
  6. Lighting: Proper lighting are deployed in the rack supported warehouses. 
  7. Safety systems: safety interlocks and automatic monitoring system for any intrusions and manual interference to insure total safety
  8. Ventilation: Effective ventilation system or even air conditioning can be deployed in a Rack Supported Warehouse buildings
  9. Drainage system



Having direct saving up to 25% in cost of PEB (Pre Engineered Building) structure and also Civil Construction by Eliminating Heavy Foundation Footings. We have successfully designed and deployed numerous Rack Supported Warehouses (RSWs) as per the custom racking and storage solution required by our valued clients. We have a global footprint for implementing Rack Supported Warehouses and our experience in Rack Supported warehouse buildings is for a decade.