Long Span Racking

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Long span Racking system is one of the various type of storage and shelving solution provided by us that is the mid-range storage solution category. Long span racking shelving nad racking system is designed for fitting into squeezy spots and for holding boxes, parts or anything that is reasonably heavy. The long span racks that we manufacture can still hold high loads that can range from 600kg to 850kg per shelf and one bay can hold cummulative loads that in be upto 3 to 4 tonnes. .

The Long Span Racking systems designed and fabricated by us comprises of modular frames and beams for the shelving systems that serves which serves the storage solution of bulky items. The Long Span Shelving can be similar to light pallet racking system, but mainly deployed for storage of non-palletized products. The long span racking and shelving can be an medium duty storage racks for an storage application in-between light and heavy-duty applications. The material handling in Long span shelving system is done manually, since the goods stroges are non palletized. The good generally stored in long span racking storage system are of irregular shape and can be bulku both in terms of load and volume space occupied.The long span shelving system fabricated and supplied by us are quite durable and precision engineered, and provides maximum safety. We can also supply tailored made long span racking system for your medium duty racking and storage solutions.



  • Long span racking system are available in various dimension
  • Customised loading level based on height of the SKU being stored.
  • loading level can be divided into compartments (Height and Depth) depending on custom requirements.
  • Unique design makes it possible to offer decking level with the following options:
    • Steel decking
    • Wooden decking
    • Mesh decking
  • Easily configured to meet your load volume, weight and handling requirements
  • Light or Medium duty storge system can be offered for varying heights as under:
    • Single Tier racks
    • Two Tier racks
    • Three Tier racks
  • Adjustable beam levels for varying pallet heights
  • Walkways In the Long Span Racking are dependable of the load requirements and can be provided with various options like
    • Perforated panels
    • Steel Panels
    • Gratings
    • Wooden walkways
  • Aisles designed for counter balance or reach truck operations
  • Special designs are also availble for stroage and racking solution for Sub-Zero temperature (Cold storages).


Long span racking and shelving sytems provides maximum ease of accessibility to various levels that provides maximum ease of management that can be easily installed. Long span racking system finds its application where storage of non pallatized goods are stores.

Longspan Shelving (X Span) is ideally suited for items which are light / medium in weight and voluminous in nature. Long span racking finds various applications in Auto, Apparel, Engineering sectors, and also deployed in warehouse racking solutions, offices for archiving, garages, display racks, groceries, super markets, and many more.