Electric & Electronic Industries

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Electric & Electronic Industries

Display racks, stack able Bins, medium duty racks and and light duty rivet racks are the most suitable racking and shelving solutions, used in any electrical or electronic industries. Electrical and electronic industries generally have a storage requirements for small components which are generally the raw material for the products that are manufactured by these industries. Our storage solutions provided to such industries enables them to attain a high storage density of the available floor space that can be efficiently utilized for storage and providing more productive area, by deploying mezzanine floors.

Some of the storage products that we have been regularly supplying to various electrical and electronic industries are

  • Industrial Lockers
  • Long span racks
  • Two tier racks
  • multi tier racking system
  • storage metal bin & stacked bin boxes
  • river racks / bolt less racking
  • Mezzanine flooring and racks for mezzanine floors

Ware house racks for stores

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