Adjustable Pallet Racking

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Boltless Racks Rivet Storage Racks

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Cantilever Racking System & Cantilever Racks

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Compactors For Mobile Racking System

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Double Deep Racking

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Drive in Racking System

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Industrial Lockers Manufacturers

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Long Span Racking

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Metal Bin Boxes

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Metal Pallets / Steel Pallets

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Automobile Industries

We have been manufacturer and supplier of high quality Industrial storage solution to various Automobile industries in India and overseas. We provide heavy duty racking and shelving solution to various automobile industries and auto workshops. ...

Chemical Industries

We provide storage solution to various chemical industries in India and abroad. While designing the storage solution for a chemical industries, we consider all the constraints of safety to avoid and accidents due to storage ...

Electric & Electronic Industries

Display racks, stack able Bins, medium duty racks and and light duty rivet racks are the most suitable racking and shelving solutions, used in any electrical or electronic industries. Electrical and electronic industries generally have ...

Engineering Industries

Various engineering industries and tool room are the user of the heavy duty industrial racking system fabricated and designed by us. We serve various need of an engineering industries for racking and shelving need. Cantilever ...

Furniture & Interiors Industries

Various furniture industries and timber merchant are always looking for a storage solution mainly for the raw materials, this can be logs to various wooden boards that are used for storage. Our racking and shelving ...

Logistic Industries

We have been a trusted vendor for various logistic companies that avail various types of racking and storage soltions. The most common products that we manufacture and supply to logistic companies are Multi Tier Racks, ...

Pharmaceutical Industries

Leading suppliers to various pharmaceutical industries. we have also been providing turnkey storage and shevling solutions to various pharmaceutical india and globally. Contact us if you are an Pharmaceutical indiatry and looking for a turnkey solution ...

Paper & Printing Industries

We have been providing insdustrial storage solutions to various paper and printing industries in India. Palletized racking solutions, muti tier racking, cantilever racks, etc are are various racking and storage solution that have been supplied ...

Retail Stores & Malls

The high desnsity storage requirement is the need of the hour, as the real start prices rise exponentially. An effecicnet racking and storgae system of any retail store has always been and cause for concern ...

Steel Industries

steel plate racking system,single sided cantilever racks manufacturer, double sided cantilever racking, Racks for steel tubing,Racks for steel storage,Racks for steel Plates,Steel plate racking system,Racking for steel bars,racks for coils ...

Textile Industries

Textile Industries are looking for a perfect storage solutions and storage solutions products under the brand name of GIRAFFESTORAGE are most favoured in Textile Industry. The rack supported warehouses, high rise storage with multitier racks ...